[summer break in 80 days] day 52

072509 aquarium

9:26 Feels like another lazy day. No gardening. I should be making a card. That was my excuse. That and I am weary of all the bug bits. Need to let these heal before I go get more.

072509 aquarium-2

10:51 Finally made a card for Bonnie. Only two birthdays in July and I can't seem to get them done on time. I got her box ready and put it out on the bench. Then I noticed my crossandra are wilting. I haven't been out the front door in a while since Andy has been getting the mail. I have to stop being so lazy.

072509 aquarium-3

2:53 Bonnie called so I got some more photos processed and finally posted to my blog. The post was done last night but I always like to add a photo, or eight.

072509 aquarium-4

I am almost done with card for RC. Just waiting for the glue to dry.

072509 aquarium-5

Andy likes to turn on the washer and dryer. I have to call him to do it and he doesn't always hear me. It would be easier to turn them on myself but I like to see him happy.

072509 aquarium-6

6:43 Dinner is done and I have eaten my one cookie for the day. Being good is hard work.

072509 aquarium-7

9:38 I just realized that I never changed the Saturday Sales at the store. I just deleted the note from last week's sale. Saturday Sales are not generating business, no need to continue them.