[summer break in 80 days] day 51

072409 aquarium

072409 aquarium-3

072409 aquarium-2

12:26 Finished lunch, doing laundry, baking cookies, eating cherries and trying to catch up on tweets. Did I mention I took a two hour nap this morning. Good grief!

1:16 Cookies are done. I broke down and had one. I immediately had another cherry so I wouldn't want another cookie. And speaking of cherries, I have never had rainier cherries before. I grew up in Michigan and we have dark sweet cherries. When I saw the rainier in the store, the looked odd and I was thinking they might be tart. But decided to get some this week and they are buy one get one free at the Publix. I am really liking them.

072409 aquarium-4

072409 aquarium-5

2:38 shaved today with a new razor. Cut myself but I never felt a thing.

Rainier cherries are not sitting so well. My stomach feels too acidic.

I keep thinking it is Saturday.

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072409 aquarium-7

5:00 Snacking on granola. Yum.

The boys want to listen to same audiobook. The problem is that they like to bounce around and listen to some parts over and over again and skip others. Ryan was listening in the bedroom on Andy's iPod. Andy made him stop. Ryan asked if he could listen on my computer. OK. But now Andy is upset that Ryan gets to listen to it on my computer. He wants to be the one to listen to it on my computer.

And because it's from audible.com, I can't just put it on each computer. It has to go through iTunes and each comptuer has to be authorized. You can even use iTunes sharing, the books don't show up.

072409 aquarium-8

10:07 Off to bed.

So what do you think about having photos not related to the text inserted at random?