[summer break in 80 days] day 50

072309 swingers

9:47 At the playground. There are little girls here. The boys were swinging along the girls. I caught Andy pulling his pants down. What?! I yelled and he got angry.

11:12 Hungry. Andy and I did water aerobics for 40 minutes. Ryan was chased by a little boy. I was finally met 2 of the women. Coletta runs the group exercises. Peggy invited me to lunch but it's August 8th, a Saturday and I can't afford another babysitter just yet.

3:53 Home again.

After lunch, we went to aquarium and paid for an annual membership. I am glad I asked about the $6 parking I paid and that was rolled into the cost.

The aquarium was crowded but the boys did a good job of sticking close especially as I was taking quite a few pictures. (There are 795 uploaded right now. 795?! I didn't know my card could hold that many.) We only stayed an hour and Ryan did not want to go into the play area. There are misting fans and he hates to get wet.

The boys wanted to go on the trolley so we walked over to get all day passes. But we had to get cash first and the atm charged $2.25 fee! It's been years since I used just any atm. What happened to $.50? It's a cool ride but costly since Ryan only wanted to go Ybor and back to the car.

(I have finally reduced the 795 photos down to 233 and added keywords. Only one has been processed. You will likely see more in the next few days.)