[summer break in 80 days] day 49

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8:08 Weird PMS symptom, dizziness.

10:04 Gardening done. I didn't mean to trim more jasmine, just only get the dead vines. But pulling those left holes so I had to trim. I uncovered two iron crosses I had forgotten I had. I'll need to move them to someplace they won't be covered in vine.

The crape myrtles are growing nicely. No frogs in the ladybug house today.

Years ago I had placed patio blocks in a winding path from the arbor to the back garden. The grass had grown around them and somewhat obscured them. I liked it like that. The lawn service came on Monday and I think they had someone else doing the trimming as he trimmed along each one of the dozen blocks. It doesn't look good.

More photos from the Photo Walk processed. They might appear here or you can see them on my Flickr stream.

1:56 Looking at going to the Florida Aquarium tomorrow. We used to go when the boys were little. Costs have gone way up! $50 for the 3 of us. A year membership is $140 and includes free parking. We could use that and take the trolleys to other parts of downtown. I had suggested Ikea which might have been cheaper.

3:54 Granola is in the oven. I don't know why I don't make it more often, it's so easy. Maple Nut Granola from Eating Well

I didn't have any pumpkin seeds so I doubled the sunflower seeds. I don't really like pecans so I doubled the almonds. No cranberries so I doubled the raisins. I also added a half cup of choclate chips while it was still warm. They melt and coat the oats. Yum! My only probably is eating just a serving. A half cup has 255 calories!

I ordered new backpacks for the boys. I really like the ones from LL Bean. They are rugged and come in a variety of sizes for pre-schoolers through adults.

7:05 The light looked kind of cool so I grabbed my camera and went outside. There are dark clouds all around us but we still have the sun. It's breezy and kind of cool, for summer. Andy followed me out then Ryan followed him. I took some shots of the ligustrum against the dark clouds. The tree is starting to look healthy again and there is a lot of new growth. There were no frogs in the ladybug house. Did my pruning chase them away?

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9:27 The itching is getting bad. Time for a HOT shower and bed.