[summer break in 80 days] day 48

072209 heronbath

9:52 Done with the gardening. No breeze. I think I got an ant bite on my neck. Or maybe he was just getting ready which means it will only itch for a day or two. (ETA Yep, 2 bites on my neck, 2 on my left arm, one on my right.)

I think the scale may be showing some signs of progress. Weird thinking of all I ate this weekend. But it could be the company. I heard Deepak Chopra talk about how out bodies metabolize foods differently depending on our moods. So eating even fattening foods but enjoying good company, your body will process them differently. You should not eat when you are angry or upset because good foods can be processed poorly.

I pulled the 2 orders that I had and finally did my sales taxes. So sad to see the decline in sales. The second quarter I did only $4000 in sales. Last year I did $18,000.

3:29 Processed a few more photos from Saturday. I doubt I could ever be a wedding photographer as I get bored too easily with the same subjects.

The boys seem to be hanging out in the play room these days so I am free to read in a quiet space. I usually fall asleep.