[summer break in 80 days] day 42


9:48 Gardening done. Three bags again. I got a better look at the weed. The base is about 4" across and not easily dug up. I tried after I filled my bags and may have been too hot and tired by then. I need to get to root chopper as one of the roots is at surface level. The only other thing is try some vinegar and salt poured on/in the trunk and careful not to let it spill onto the crape. Then I need to bag or bundle the largest branches and thoroughly weed the bed. I also need to trim up all the bare and dead jasmine vine. And maybe cut some lower vine so it will grow up the fence again. The only leaves are at the top of the fence.

85 feels like 95. No wonder I am dripping.

11:19 Where did my energy go?

I finished another album page. I did this one just on summer. Only 2 to go!

3:34 I finished reading Good Calories. It reads a bit like a conspiracy theory that government and medical experts have been giving us the wrong information for decades by prescribing low fat-high carb diets. A lot of the science makes sense that all the refined carbs are making us fat and sick. But I am not I buy into the whole eat only protein and fat and let your body go into ketosis for it's brain food requirements. I wilk be trying to cut back on more sugar and flour but I won't be increasing my meat consumption.

And on that note, I decided to make some cookie for the chiro staff. I have just enough cinnamon for snickerdoodles. While waiting for the butter to soften, I got another album page done.


I started to make the cookies and could not find my cookie pans! Where did they go? I ended up using my half size sheets but still kept looking for the other ones. I used them a month ago but where did I put them? I checked every cabinet, even the ones too small. So weird.

5:50 One more batch of cookies to bake. The recipe said 20 cookies but I got 30. Martha might have every size scoop imaginable. I only have 2.

071509 ryan

7:40 We just got done playing with the water hose. Ryan was outside and asked for the water. I realized he has never played with the hose. We have been on water restrictions so he never got the chance. I was kind of surprised that the hose was still good. I was going to let him play with the watering can but there was something white in there. Did dad use it for mixing up Round Up? I called out Andy to try. He stayed cleared of Ryan, he doesn't trust him. Then Ryan got it back and would have loved to have unwound the entire hose and gotten everything soaked. But we are still on water restrictions so I had to show some limits. Ryan dropped the water sprayer and the thing is so old it went off and got all of us wet. Oy!

The snickerdoodles are really good. I never used to like them when we were growing up. These are better than moms. And I have no self control.