[summer break in 80 days] day 40

8:19 We are halfway there! Though we realized yesterday the count was off. School starts in 6 weeks.

Bonnie called. Her SIL had a baby yesterday. She was only at 29 weeks and her water broke. Bentley Kai was born at 16 1/2" and 3 pounds. Bonnie would love to be there every day but cannot.

071309 blog

9:44 At the MPII playground. Sticky this morning. Ryan finally managed to make it across the monkey bars. These swing which are more difficult.

10:55 I am in a bad mood and Ryan is making it worse. He has to be the first in the pool, fine. But has to be the first out and got upset when I wanted to get out and take some pictures. The water was cooler than it has been and felt good. But I was in no mood to exercise. I read recently that it is better to acknowledge and accept your bad moods. Once I told Ryan I was in a foul mood, he was somewhat better.

11:59 Camera battery is dying and I forgot to bring the other one. I told Ryan we have to drive home and would have thought that I told him I was taking away his toys. Ugh.

071309 blog-2

Andy is a tourist. I don't know where he learned this from. Every time I went to take a photo, he would stand himself right in the middle. He has never done this before. Funny.

071309 blog-3
Ryan is happiest when he has a map and can be the leader.

Walking around University of Tampa was nice but hot. I found that the name of the sculpture I posted for yesterday's POTD is Sticks of Fire which
Is what Tampa means. There are a couple of old cannons in the park and Ryan did not want me to get near them. Even after I explained they do not work. "It's too dangerous!"

071309 blog-5

There weren't many people around. And the river was dirty. Last time I was there, January 2008, you could see the bottom of the river. You couldn't see anything today.

071309 blog-6

Of course the boys had to walk along the seawall. I was nervous but had to let it go. It is something I would do.

We walked through Plant Hall. It used to be a hotel and the veranda is really nice. The boys ran up and down the stairs a couple of times and we continued on our tour. Ryan said he was hot. Are you ready to go? "As ready as I'll ever be."

Then we drove through downtown and onto Harbour Island. I forgot that the island is basically one big gated area and if you don't belong, the road returns back to downtown.

We went on Davis Islands (is it more than one?) and drove through to the airport. The boys didn't want to get out so I only took a few shots.

Then we went to Target where I used up the garage sale money on presciptions and chicken nuggets.

My camera is not acting right. I tried to turn on Live View and it only blinks. I wonder if this has anything to do with me trying to find total shutter counts the other day. I haven't use Live View since. Everything else seems to work OK. (I did a reset and it seems OK.)

Andy has lost the battery door to his recorder and it won't work without it.

Ryan's new sticker book is missing half of the stickers.

4:06 Finally home.

I sat and recovered before getting to my photos. I had taken 495 and did manage to get it down to 249 to keep. So far I have edited 7.