[summer break in 80 days] day 39

071209 blog-4

8:40 Breakfast is done. Ryan and I are talking about silly things. Mostly about Alphabutt and why she named her daughter Panda.

I told Ryan he had to put the stuff away in his bin. He left and was done quickly. But then there were a few things left in the bin. "I can't put them away." Do you want a dollar? "No." What? Ryan doesn't want money?

This week's POTD theme is public art. Hmm... I am not going to be able to do this one. WC has no art and I am not sure I can get the boys (Ryan) into take a drive downtown.

4:20 I think someone drugged my lunch. I fell alseep and gad the hardest time waking up. In fact I was sleeping in my dream and not bring able to wake up. Ugh.

Dark clouds are moving in. We haven't had rain in a few days, I hope we get it today as I am too lazy/forgetful to remember to water my plants.

We got some rain. Not much but enough to knock a lot of the crape myrtle blooms to the ground. Crapes are similar to lilacs in the appearance and fraility of their blooms but without the fragrance.

071209 blog

I went out and took some photos in the front. It looks like something is eating the jasmine. It looks like they have been snipped. But the jasmine under the crape are growing.

071209 blog-2

071209 blog-3

7:44 The pain in the bum customer who cancelled her order hours after placing it has sent me another email. She wants to order and has the money. Do you think she found the $12 under the cushions? Or maybe she reads this blog and feels guilty?

Good Calories, Bad Calories: Fats, Carbs, and the Controversial Science of Diet and Health (Vintage) is quite interesting. I have gotten through the chapter where he talks about high protein low carb diets. I do think that refine carbs has helped in making me fat. (And all the baked goods in my house this past 2 weeks have been evil.) But I am skeptical that high protein diets work or that they are safe. I don't think they have been looked at in the long term.

9:42 This week's POTD theme is water, not public art. Oops.