[summer break in 80 days] day 38

7:01 Backing up my drives. I have a reminder that pops up every Saturday but I ignore it most weeks. Taking care of things right now.

11:32 Every one is gone. Not that many people but I still managed to make $200. Every one left with a box full and it didn't make a dent. Only a few brownies were eaten after I whined a bit. Ryan hid until only our neighbor Dixie was here.

12:14 One wants to go out to lunch, the other one doesn't and is causing problems. sigh

I had to stop at Starbucks. Lisa forgot what I wanted and brought me a chai lattè. I appreciate it but I had the taste for tea and I am not a fan of chai. It took a while to have it made and the barista (he was a man, are they called baristas?) decided to fill the time to talk to me. I was talked out at the Garage Sale. I have no more conversation left in me.

LifePointe church was out at the corners giving out cold water. Nice intent but do we need all those plastic bottles?

071109 fort

1:21 I just put a sheet over the folding table so the boys have a hide out. Autism knows no age limits for simple pleasures.

4:13 Andy has "moved" to poppa's room. He has been sleeping there so I moved his iHome so he can hear his alarm.

6:37 Some customers are more work than they are worth. One place an order for $6 + $6 for shipping, a whopping total of $12. Then she cancels a few hours later. Deleting the order isn't so bad but then I have to go back and manual mark the items back in stock. There is no profit in her orders as she buy only clearance items.