[summer break in 80 days] day 37

071009 blog

9:58 The family room is clean. OK, clean enough. I have to figure out the best place to set up the tables. I only have over head lighting in the kitchen. There is good light coming from the windows. It will be awkward at best.

10:55 I set up one 6' table in front of the glass doors. The doors are 8' wide so there is still room to get out. I am hoping that I can just use this table and my kitchen table since there is little room to set up more.

I walked into the train table. Ow! I hit my knee pretty hard and said "ow!" a few times rather loudly. Only Andy came to check out the noise. I asked him to kiss it and make it feel better. He did and I was happily surprised the pain instantly disappeared.

3:33 Taking another break. I made snickerdoodle cupcakes. I filled them to full. But they take so good. Next time I will make 30 instead of 24.

071009 blog-2

Everything is set up for the sale. Then UPS comes with 5 huge boxes for Bonnie. Oh well, an uncluttered house would be too much to ask for, right?

I told Andy to restrict the trains to the train table. He rhen proceeded to fill the train table with trains. There are still more trains.

071009 blog-3

I was wondering how many images I have taken with my camera. I googled but it wasn't an easy search. On the third search I found the trick and it reads like some video game hack. Anyway, I have take 30,686 in 2 years.

7:01 It's times like these that I really miss Gail. He never minded washing floors and I hate doing it. It's all I have left to do. Mostly. Tomorrow I will probably pull more paper and make sets. I wasted time talking to B for a couple of hours.

8:02 Bath time! One down, one to go.