[summer break in 80 days] day 36

070909 crossandra

Rain today. At 8:00 am, it looked like it might go north of us. By 9:00, we knew there would be no swimming. So we scheduled our day. Ryan still wanting to go to the chiropractor to pick up his hat he left last week. I tried to get Ryan interested in something like Celebration Station or Gameworks. He couldn't care less. So we went to the bookstore. He agreed to Borders since I had a coupon.

I was disappointed in Borders. There were lots of empty shelves. Are they closing this store or remodeling? This is one of the older stores and shows its age. The info desk now had 3 self help computers instead of people. They removed half of the cash registers and put up display shelves. Still, we all managed to find something to get.

Andy has been acting out Blues Clues. He does a great imitation of Blue. I thought to get him a notebook but since the show is no longer in production, there is little merchandise available. There was one notebook at amazon for $100!!! What? You really think a toy collector will pay that? Andy was happy with a flip top notebook from Borders for $4.99.

2:20 Finally sitting down. My thumb feels better but with the bandaid on I still can't use it to type on the iPod. Darn technology.

I did more cleaning. Bits and pieces here and there instead of cleaning just one full room. Oh well, it all has to be done.

Ryan puked last night right around dinner. It does it about once every couple of months. One time and he is fine. Weird.