[summer break in 80 days] day 4

Seems my body is trying to catch up on sleep. After getting up out of bed, I dozed in the chair for another hour and a half. Why didn't I just stay in bed? Because the boys see this as an invitation to jump up and join me. Every bounce jostles me awake so no rest can be had.

Sundays is our day for waffles and sausage. Andy eats 2 waffles and 4 pieces of sausage. He used to eat more sausage but learned that he can them later in the week if he saves them.

I am getting caught up with the laundry but then is that even possible? It's like doing the dishes, there is only a short reprieve until the next batch.

Today is the Pocono 500. This means that the tv is on from 8 am until the race is over at about 6 pm. Coverage for the race starts about 1:30 pm but Ryan flips between ESPN and the other sports channels while he waits. I find that I can't concentrate to read with the TV on. Unfortunately there is no other comfy chair to read to I split my time between making cards, laundry & dozing.

I did make it outside briefly to take some shots of the clouds. This week's theme for photo of the day is backlighting/sun flare. You can see the shot I got here. I am not a big fan of sun flares. I don't care for all of the ghost dots. I guess it's something I need to work on.

It looks odd with no tree here, you can see all those weeds I need to clear out. But then I can see more great storm clouds which is a plus.