fifth grade pomp & circumstance

Andy's career with elementary school is officially over. Wednesday was his Moving Up Ceremony.

I got to the school very early and had a hard time finding a parking spot. I sat in my car a while listening to podcasts rather than sit in the cafeteria and wait.

When I was walking in, I saw A's mom. We chatted and made our way to the cafeteria. Before we got there, we were met by Andy's teacher who said we were to walk in with the kids. Never got that memo. We walked in in frint of the rest of the fifth graders. I was too focused on Andy to notice all those parents staring at us. We got to sit in the front row with our kids.

We got no programs like the rest of the parents so I didn't know how things were going to go. The Principal spoke then Wesley Chapel's Honorary Mayor spoke. I may have been having a caffiene overload because I couldn't concentrate for more than few words at a time. I took photos and gave my iPod to Andy to keep him busy. (As I was edited the photos, I realized most are crap. I am not good with indoor photography.)

They started giving out awards and I was happily surprised when Andy received a Citizenship Award. S won an achievement award. Then the completion certificates were given. Andy did great and knew where to stand.



After, there was a video of the fifth graders through the year. I don't know if they showed our kids as we were too close too the screen to see it well. Finally, the kids sang a song and we, the parents, were dismissed. We made our way to the car loop to wait for the kids to go through the clap out.


Our students were leading the pack. We went into the classroom where they had pizza & cake. Again, I wasn't told about this and Andy just wanted to leave with me. We did stay long enough for Andy to gobble a slice and drink some juice. Miss Lisa was there to say good-bye through tears. She has been with this kids since they started. It's a big change. These four have been together for 6 to 8 years.

I took photos of Andy with his teacher and the other support staff. They are all crap. This is only the only somewhat decent photo. This is Andy with Miss Angie. She has been the teacher's aide for the past 3 years. I had an interesting chat with her while we were waiting for the kids in the clap out.


We left and went to Chick Fil A for lunch.