[sumer break in 80 days] day 26

062909 playtime

8:19 Making breakfast a little late today. I was fooling aroung on the computer and getting stuff ready to mail. Things I should have done yesterday.

9:19 I have been very lax about calorie counting. I have hit a plateau and it's very frustrating.

062909 playtime-2

10:04 At the pool waiting for Ryan to go in before me.

11:07 Thunder. Good thing we got our hour of swimming. L was here and I talked to her for half an hour. I water jogged the first half hour. I can't believe that even though the boys were done swimming when the thunder came, they still got upset. Silly.

062909 playtime-3

We had to stop by FedEx. I have customer who only buy stuff at 50-70% off. This time it wouldn't fit in a flat rate box. But the FedEx rate was about as Priority Flat Rate. It will just take twice as long for her to get her stuff. Oh well, she waited over 6 months since the product was released, she can wait a few extra days.

12:01 In line for CFA drive thru.

062909 playtime-4

Boys were getting on my nerves in the car. We spent some quiet time when we got home.

2:36 Looking at the Lego catalog. You can now buy individual pieces. I would love to get the Taj Mahal and the Cafè Corner and the Green Grocer. But then I might have to let the kids play with them and there goes $590.00 (for all 3 sets).

062909 playtime-5

8:04 Bath time!

9:48 Thinking about bed. And about all the tragedy that keeps happening in the world. Tonight a train exploded in Italy and a plane crashes in a small country in the Indian Ocean. I don't watch TV or read the newspapers. But I twitter and see it there. I am not sure this is good for me. I hover too close with depression and one thing that helps is remaining ignorant to a lot of the tragedy and suffering I cannot change. I have been feeling some unexplained anxiety and maybe this is the cause.

062909 playtime-6