[summer break in 80 days] day 25


11:04 Still feel lazy. Talked to my dad. Sometimes I feel so isolated down here and miss being up there. Then again...

Finally got off my butt and made a card. I smudged the ink a bit, bother. Ryan is watching a baseball game in my bedroom. Andy is watching NASCAR on my laptop. Ryan keeps running out to check the action on the laptop. The boys have broken the remote for the TV in my bedroom so channel surfing is not easy.

3:01 Just finished a bowl of watermelon. I was craving something so I finally cut it up. As I sliced into the melon, it split in half. I never had that happen before. It was supposed to be seedless. Not too many black ones, quite a few white ones. Oh well, I just consider them as insoluble fiber.

5:04 Oh good gracious! I think I have to get rid of my chair. It renders me unconcious! Hours go by and I get nothing accomplished!

I did take some photos of my Uncle Sam Wood Posts. Or are they knobs? And I finished the card for Jen.

5:31 I am just now realizing that I said I would have a "garage" sale next weekend. Since it is summer, it's too got to do it in the garage so I will have it inside. Which means... I have to clean my house!

9:22 Boys are in bed. One is alseep the other one is listening to his iPod. Very lazy day. Last one for a while is I don't want to humiliate myself with a messy house.