[summer break in 80 days] day 23

062609 crape

9:00 Andy came out wearing a green striped shirt and blue plaid shorts. I was going to let it be until I remembered we have to go out today. I told him he had to change. He came back wearing blue stripe shirt and blue plaid shorts. Oy!

9:45 Blocks & bench moved. I decided to skip the wagon and move them by hand. I thought I could move 3 at a time but 2 is better. I don't know how many loads I did, maybe 13, but with the last few my triceps were burning. They are going to hurt tomorrow. The patio is uneven but it doesn't bother me enough to move the blocks, spread sand and redo it. Maybe next winter when the weather cools off again.

10:55 Showered & dressed. I am awaiting Ryan's decision to eat out or home. If the rain stays away, I want look at some rocks for the garden bed. I need to price them.

11:31 Drive thru at CFA. Yeah, I am lazy. Ryan didn't want to go out by Andy started to cry when he thought we would stay home. I am powerless over their tears.

We went to Wesley Chapel Nursery. In the past, they were the best source for mulch and stone in bulk and ponds. They have increased their plant materials but their prices seem high. And they only carry the river rock in bulk. I don't need a yard and don't want to pay $40 in delivery charges. I did see a robellinii for $40 which gives me hope. I don't care that it is small.

12:38 On the way home from Publix. We saw a deputy giving a ticket to a woman illegally parked in the handicap shop. "...wait until you meet your maker! Your attitude stinks!"

eReader is having a sale this weekend. I have been pretty good about not buying books but I did get 3 today. It only cost me $11 after the reward points were redeemed. Then I went to download them to my iPod Touch and found that the app was broken from the upgrade to 3.0. I checked and the update was available so all is well.

2:22 Snacking on Sun Chips. Oh I love these things.

Lazy afternoon spent reading and napping. And looking up plants on the internet. There are so many beautiful plants and I want them all.

8:23 The boys are clean and their jammies. The rain has finally stopped and there is a fading glow outside. Too late to take pics.

9:58 The problem with naps (and caffeine) is that now I am not tired so I won't be able to sleep. But I cannot sleep in so tomorrow I will be tired and need a nap. The cycle continues.