[summer break in 80 days] day 22

062509 blog

9:43 At the playground. The boys are not excited by it anymore. They play but not with the enthusiasm they had the first day. And each time we come, it seems hotter and more humid.

062509 blog-2
(Ryan is using this as a punching bag.)

9:55 Ryan has absconded with my camera.

10:06 The boys are in the pool. I had to go back and find Andy's goggles. In his haste, Ryan swung the toy bucket and some items fell out. OK too hot! I'm going in.

The water was warm, 85, but it still felt better than sitting in the moist air. There were two overly friendly boys who asked to play with the surf skates. Ryan will not talk to strangers. The brothers kept getting closer and talking to me. I could tell they wanted attention but I am not the one to give it to them.

Andy & I did aerobics starting at 10:30. We went to the deep end which was easier for me and seemed to keep Andy contained.

062509 blog-3

1:00 The rec center was a bust. The playground is cool but I don't think it's open to the public. The gate was open so we went in. We did go inside and check it out. But it's just gymnastics and dance and the empty skate park. The mood was tolerant but not welcoming. I did see T whom I have only seen a few times over the years in Target or Publix. Since our kids go to a different schools, I just don't see my friends like I used to when we first moved here. Though to be honest, I probably wouldn't see them much anyone. I am not a social butterfly.

062509 blog-4

062509 blog-5
(Andy is practicing his Tae Kwon Do is the reflection of the glass.)

062509 blog-6
(My son likes to do things differently.)

1:39 Done with the grocery shopping. They had no chocolate milk and we still managed to spend $80! We have to back tomorrow.

2:07 Groceries are put away. Mail brought in and ignore. Laundry is going. Ryan is playing with trains and play-doh and Andy is watching Thomas videos. Time to relax.

4:07 Caught up on twitter. Sad to see Farrah Fawcett is dead. At least she didn't die on a plane like some sap did today on Air Tranny. Sort of feel like a nap. I would edit my photos if I didn't have to move.

I talked to B some. She is so busy this summer taking the kids to tutoring and various sports activities. I am starting to look into tae kwon do for Andy. I don't know if we can afford it or find a place that will work well for him.

I edited my photos from today. Yes, I deleted the ones that Ryan took of me. Yuck!

7:01 Read on twitter that Michael Jackson had a heart attack and died. Then the jokes started. There were no jokes for Farrah Fawcet and she had butt cancer.

Thinking about the jokes... Gail was quick to tell or repeat them. His business was perfect for that as he spoke to people all over the country. And his humor was rather sick like my own. I wonder how Gail would have done with twitter?

062509 blog-7
(I had to stop Andy from eating this before I could shoot it. I noticed it was gone a few minutes after I walked away. Yes, they are edible. No, he never swallows, just chews like gum.)