[summer break in 80 days] day 21

062409 blog

It's 9:50 pm and I am just getting to this. I just can't seem to blog little bits during the day. I think the problem is twitter. Somehow, I went from 40 followers to 200+! I really need to whittle that list down so I can keep up.

Gardening: I laid the barrier cloth and started laying out the blocks. I know I am doing a crappy job as I didn't get any sand and the ground is not the most level. But this isn't a large patio and won't be used often. I used all the blocks in the front and went to get more from the back. I used the wagon and piled on 8 blocks. I started to pull the wagon and thought I might lose my arms! So I took out 2 blocks. It was not much better. I looked back and realized my problem is that the tires are flat. After I unloaded the blocks I went to pump up the tires. Only 2 would fill, the others would fill then leak the air. One was filled with water. I thought my dad had gotten a new tire but they all look bad, dry rot. I got this wagon in 2002 and it may be time for a new one. It stays out in the rain and sun and that has to be rough on it. I only made 2 loads before I was exhausted and nauseous. I will get the rest on Friday.

I had 4 orders to pull. Not too bad, it took less than an hour. The sneak peeks are started to show up for the CHA show next month. I am not excited at all. Ironic that the show will be in Orlando and I can't go because I have no one to watch the boys. I want to concentrate on photography now.

Adolescence has hit the household. Ryan has been taking his clothes off during the day. I found him the other day on the couch under a blanket. I told him he could do that but in his bedroom with the door shut. Today, Andy came out upset. What is wrong? "Where are Ryan's clothes?" Oh joy. I need to find a book. I did tell that it is OK to explore their bodies but only their own bodies and not each others. By the time my mom tried to talk to me, I knew it all from kids at school. (Yes, a Catholic school.) Help!

My neighbors Washingtonian Palm died and they had it cut down today. They think it got hit by lightning. The guy who has pruned hacked our palms in the past is the one who did the work. His wife asked if I was about do, actually she said I was about due for another pruning but I think I am OK. There are no branches on the Queen Palms to prune and only a few fronds on the Washingtonian.

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