[summer break in 80 days] day 19

Ryan got out his play-doh and I grabbed the camera. It goes with the weekly theme of dream/pretend/play. I finished up the cherries this morning. They are so good!

We are at the playground. The breeze feels nice but the humidity is still high. The pool is going to feel so good. I think our neighbors are building a pool. I am a little jealous. It would be nice but there is a bit of maintenance involved and I hate maintenance.

The pool temperature is 85. Almost too warm. I water jogged for 20 minutes then played with the boys. Mostly Ryan.

We went to lunch and then to Target. I let Ryan lead the way through books to video games, electronics to garden center, clothes to toys, linens and furniture and finally to the groceries. He looks at things but doesn't ask for anything. I tell him to tell me if he sees anything he would like for his birthday. So far the list includes an iPod Touch and Tinkertoys.

We saw that our neighbors have had a pool installed. They have the same model house as we do. When we get home, Andy says that we only have a patio. Do you want a pool? "Yes!" Well, we will have to save a lot of money. It might take years. I think he has mentioned it about a half dozen times since then. Uh oh.

B calls to ask how to organize her books on her Kindle. She knows I don't have a kindle but also knows I will figure it out. Damn her for knowing I am curious.

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I went out again after dinner with my camera. Now I know that the light is good about 7:30 pm. It was very breezy so I wasn't sure about the photos I got. I used my tripod as well.