[summer break in 80 days] day 18

062109 arbor

I once read it takes 16 occurances to make a habit. I don't think that works for me. Yesterday was Day 17 and I completely forgot to blog until this morning. Today is Day 18 and it is after 6 pm and I am forcing myself to blog. I think it has become too routine.

Ryan was watching infomercials. There was one for Malibu Pilates. It looked interesting so I started investigating it. They advertise on TV that a 30 day trial is on $14.95. But it costs about $300 to keep the product but that is not listed on the site. I found a similar machine at amazon.com for $200. It got mixed reviews. I looked some more. There is Euro Pilates close to me. Holy Smokes! I had no idea how expensive it is. Classes are about $50 to $60 for each group session. And this place requires at least 2 private sessions so you can learn all the moves first. Maybe I will look at a DVD first.

Ryan watched the Iowa Corn Indy 250 instead of NASCAR. The NASCAR race is in Sonoma and started later in the day. He won't watch if he thinks the race will go too late. So we watch Formula One racing. It's odd hearing all those foreign voices. There are a couple of Mexican drivers in NASCAR but they are the exception. Andy was disappointed that we wouldn't be watching NASCAR. I thought he wanted to watch it on the TV but it turns out he wanted my laptop so he could watch it with 4 different views. He wears headphones but still Ryan feels like he has to leave the room.

I was more productive today. I pulled the 2 orders I had. It doesn't seem like much but they were both large orders. I also made a couple of cards. I worked on my Monday Mosaic. I couldn't remember how do it and realizes I made the template wrong last week. It was much quicker the second time around.

It's been very hot this last few days. The heat index was over 100. The windows fog up overnight. I am very grateful that our a/c works well.