[summer break in 80 days] day 17

062009 ryan

Such a lazy day. It started out OK. But I think looking at the heat advisory made me sluggish & tired.

Gardening: I sprayed on more Round-Up. I like that new dispenser. I did find an alternative to the chemicals and will try it once this stuff is gone. I know I said Iwas going to wait until jasmine was done blooming but I got carried away with the Round-Up application and it was the only bed I hadn't sprayed. So I started pruning. Because there isn't much light reaching the floor of the bed, there really aren't many weeds down there. It was basically the jasmine all tangled up with the crape myrtles. I had intentions of leaving the crapes alone but it was easier to prune that detangle. I filled up the last of my trash bags and had to stop. I didn't make much progress. This is a big job. I did find the lopping shears. They were sitting outside the shed in the elements. I will be surprised if they even open. I have 3 red any bites. These are different from fire ant bites, sort of like spider bites. They take about 24 hours to start itching. I think they might be weaver ants.

While I was sitting and dripping, I looked at the weather on my iPod Touch. Temp was 88 already and with the humidity the heat index was 99! No wonder I was drenched. I went in, had my smoothie, took a shower and felt like crawling into bed.

I didn't do much besides some laundry and feed the kids. Lazy days can be good.