[summer break in 80 days] day 16

Breakfast: Bagels for the boys, oatmeal for me.

Gardening: I cleaned up another bed. I found 2 indian hawthorn shrubs under weeds. I thought about transplanting the one but decided not to. It was small and not great. The other was clearly dead as I didn't need to dig it out. I finally dug out the weed that my dad mistook for ornamental grass. One benefit to cleaning out this bed is that the jasmine has traveled over here and is blooming. Every brush of the vine brought out its musky scent. Ahh. I moved the blocks over to the bed by my bedroom window. Now this is no longer a bed and can be mowed with the rest of the lawn.

Amazingly, I had a bit of energy left and dug out some more weeds by the ligustrum. These had long roots and I could not pull them by hand. I trimmed a bit more from the ligustrum until my pruners broke. Bother! The spring either broke or came lose. I could not find it. Oh well, these pruners have served me well considering how much I have abused them. Now I have to find another pair. Amazon has them but not under their store so no free shipping. I did find some at Gardener's Warehouse. I hate paying for shipping.

Smoothie then shower time. I try to let the boys wear what they want. But Ryan had on red plaid shorts and a striped shirt. The colors really didn't go and the shorts are a bit short. So I made him change. He grumbled but did put on some denim shorts.

Lunch & the bank. Then we went to Muvico. The boys wanted to play a video game before we went in. They each played the NASCAR race. They aren't used to using gas & brakes. Ryan did pretty well and won.

UP! was good but kind of sad too. It's not the kind of movie I associate with Pixar. It seems older than the usual pre-school fodder. Ryan enjoyed it, especially the action scenes. Andy couldn't sit still and lost his shoe at one point. Sigh.

After the movie, the boys played more video games. Ryan loved the air hockey even though I didn't let him win. Final tally: $20.50 for the movie, $10 for games. Thank goodness they don't eat popcorn!

We drove by the somewhat new Rec Center. The skate park looks kind of cool. It was empty. Then off to Lowe's for Round Up and barrier cloth. Ryan wanted to walk through the entire store. After following him through a through aisles, I told him enough. Well, I let him walk through the store with Andy and I looked at some patio furniture.

We got home and Ryan turned on the TV. He watched American Gladiators on ESPN Classic.

Dinner: Chicken nuggets for the boys; Fried Eggs followed by cauliflower for me. (I ate them like 2 mini meals.)

I have been thinking about "the light" in photography. I am not able to go when the light is best. But I need to try. I looked up the twilight times in PhotoCalc. (PhotoCalc is a cool iPhone app) Tonight's twilight is 8:29 to 8:52. Well, Ryan goes to bed at 8:30 and Andy goes to bed after 9 so maybe I can do it. Anyway, I went out and took some shots after dinner but before baths. About 8:20, I noticed a warmer glow outside and grabbed my camera. I only had 5 minutes so I did what I could. After I put Ryan to bed, I noticed the light was cooler. Perhaps the PhotoCalc works for those areas that see the sun set. Here, the sun goes behind the trees so we never see it touch ground or water. One thing I did realize that I didn't like, the damn bugs! I guess I need to prepare next time and put on some bug balm. Or maybe get out in the morning instead of stumbling to me computer to check email.

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