[summer break in 80 days] day 15

Breakfast: Sausage & biscuits for Andy. Oatmeal for me. Cookies for Ryan.

Ryan doesn't want us to do aerobics. He diesn't want to swim alone. So we made a plan. Andy will swim with Ryan for the first 30 minutes. Then I will do aerobics with Andy for the next 30 minutes.

061809 blog-3

These shrubs are planted around the fitness building at the clubhouse. I love the little yellow flowers. Yellow is one of my favorite colors in the garden. I may have to figure out what they are and plant some at home. They do get tall, about 4 or 5 feet. It's hard to tell since these are pruned regularly.

We went to the playground before the pool. It's hot. I got some shots of Andy in his Rappin' Raffi glasses. Yo!

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061809 blog

At the pool. Finally connected to the internet. But the signal is so weak. Why do I keep trying? Ah well, it's too hot so I am getting in the water. The challenge will be not to go under. I washed and dried my hair before we left & it's looking pretty good.

I sat on the edge and the boys swam and played and came over to me and then. The pool is getting more crowded each week.

At 10:30, Ryan goes to get his pool toys and Andy and I join the aerobics group. Andy is more distracted and keeps leaving and coming back. I stay because I need the exercise. Ryan played with his torpedos and throws then too close to the other swimmers. So fun to have to split your attention 3 ways.

When we are finally done exercising, a woman approaches to tell me about Ryan. She says she understands. Really? I am skeptical. Then she says she has experience with autism (she whispers it like people used to whisper cancer 100 years ago). Her son will be 45 next month and has autism. Oh. Glad I kept my mouth shut. Her son lives alone in Wisconsin and has a job. She said he had his things mean self-stimming behaviors but for the most part hides his disability. He grew up in a time when autism was cause for shame. Not that it is great now but it is getting better.

The problem with me in the pool is that I don't get any shots. I may have to swim less on Mondays.

Lunch: Wendy's for Ryan, CFA for Andy and me.

Errands: Bank & chiropractor. Good adjustment. My neck made a lot of noise. And Paula loved the cookies.

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We see this poor guy on our way to the chiropractor. Though he looks kind of happy strumming the foam guitar. But it's 95ยบ and that straw hat can't help much.

Ryan wanted to drive by Busch Garden so we did that on the way to Publix. You can see the roller coasters from the street. There is one that has a big drop. Andy said, "I'm afraid." I say he didn't have to go on any rides that might scare him. "We can't go there." Do you want to go? We can go as a family. "I can go with my family." Ryan, do you want to go as a family? "Yes!" Oh dear! Looks like I need to save some money & lose some weight so I can fit into those seats.

Nice to be home and after I check my email, twitter and have a cookie, I need a nap.

Dinner: Chicken nuggets for the boys; Cottage cheese, tomato & cucumber salad for me.

The cookies are gone. I might try a pound cake or cupcakes next. Martha Stewart has a new book out called Cupcakes. I don't make them enough to justify the purchase. I think I will look at it next time we go to the bookstore.