[summer break in 80 days] day 12

I worked on Monday Mosaic today. I finally learned how to make a template in Photoshop. It's pretty easy and I can see myself making more. I used a Deluxe Cuts colorblocking template to copy. I am thinking of doing these for the pages I need to make for the family. I can make one and have copies printed! Oh I can see myself doing digital scrapbooking if I ever get back to scrapbooking that it.

We got to the pool early so we went to the playground. We were the only ones there. Ryan tried out the sand digger. He didn't like the feel of sand in his sandals or on his hands.

061509 playground

The sign says the playground is for ages 5 to 12. There are baby swings. But Andy shows why the age limit is 12. He is touching the shade. (And you can see why I have to work hard to remove the green cast from everything.)

061509 playground-2

At 10:00, we went to the pool. Just as we walked into the gate, the lifeguard walked into the bathroom. Rude. Ryan had to get the key and change in the other bathroom.

We were trying to wash off our feet in the weak shower and L & her kids came in. (I didn't recognize her at first.) So instead of water jogging, I talked with L and played with Ryan. He gets so jealous of my divided attention. I was hoping that Ryan would want to play with E & M but that didn't happen. Maybe we will see them again and Ryan will warm up to them. Andy was happy to swim by himself.

Wendy's, bank, Chick Fil A, Target & home. Andy got some sunglasses at Target so he can be like Raffi when he "raps.". Andy walked around Target saying "yo!" like a very white, middle-aged Canadian children's singer.

I spent too much time catching up on Twitter when I got home. There is so much about what is happening in Iran. It makes me feel sad & helpless. And afraid of what I would do if anything like that happened here. I know why I stay away from reading & watching the news.

I finally made the cookies. Oh they are so good! Oatmeal chocolate chip is one of my favorite cookies and the nutella just adds a bit extra. I should have used the smaller scoop & made more cookies. Martha must love big cookies! I'll take some photos today if I don't eat them all. I ate 6 cookies last night instead of dinner.

B called. She is having so many problems with Lightroom. I think we might have figured it out. I hope so. She has spent so much time organizing that she hasn't had time to edit her photos.