[summer break in 80 days] day 11

Woke up at midnight when Andy climbed in bed. What? Ryan was going to leave but I made him stay. Soon Andy left. He says he had a bad dream.

Waffles & sausage for breakfast. The milk I bought 2 weeks ago and had an expiration daye of June 9 was still good. Odd.

I dozed in the chair and woke up with the phone ringing. The boys had been building tracks and placed some under the entended leg rest on my chair. Nice.

I finally got the cards photographed and posted. And I took some photos of the boys stuff. I had to up the ISO to 800 and use the tripod. I just hate using the flash.

061509 tools

I was listening to my neighbor mow his lawn. The motor stopped then the rain started. I wonder if he got everything done? The rain only lasted about 10 minutes but it was heavy.

I was going to bake cookies. I was pulling out the ingredients, the butter was room temperature. I have no brown sugar. No molasses either to make my own. So I covered up the sugar in the mixer and put the other stuff in the fridge until tomorrow. I thought about asking my neighbor but it was raining again.

Two hours later, Ryan asks why the oven taking so long. Huh? Oh crap! I never turned it off.

Two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun.

The boys think it was funny that I know the words the first time we saw the commercial. I didn't tell them it's 30 years old and just has a new beat.

Watched the NASCAR race. (Did I have a choice?) Great finish with leader Jimmie Johnson running out of gas on the last lap. He finished 22nd! Second place Greg Biffle also runs out of gas and Mark Martin comes from behind to win! But NASCAR is complicated and Jimmie Johnson wins a tons of points for leading so many laps. I don't know all the rules. I don't care enough.

I try to play a game of Trains and the sound of the horn brings Ryan to my side. As soon as I am done, he is reaching for it. He has the high score. I have to make sure I never get past it.