[summer break in 80 days] day 10

Seems I am not so sleepy today. I have been waking up less at night. Oh good grief! I am sounding like my mother!

My grandmother lived just a few houses down from us but on the other side of the alley. You could see her dining room window from our back bedroom upstairs. My mom would call Marne every morning, "How did you sleep?" Marne would respond then ask my mother the same question. It used to annoy me.

I did get out and do some gardening. I still don't know how to tackle the front beds. I am ignoring them for now.

I pruned and weeding on the side yard. There wasn't much to do since Larry weeded earlier this spring. The azaleas are not vrowing too much which is good. There is only 10 feet between the houses on this side.

061309 pruned

I moved to the back yard. The jasmine as rebloomed so I will leave that alone for now. I decided to prune a bit of the Indian Hawthorne. I may have gotten carried away. This plant was almost as big a2 the the 2 to the right. (yes, that is 2 plants which have merged into one) the problem is all the grassy weeds which were growing under and through the shrub. I could see them it but I couldn't reach them until I pruned some more. I saw I was hacking the plant and decided to take it all the way down. It will grow back. Next week I will tackle the other 2 shrubs.

This reminds me of the cassias I had. One of them I planted at the corner of this fence. I was told they would grow to about 3 feet tall. (I realize now that the nursery misread the meters for feet!) So I got several and places them around the yard. They bloom a beautiful yellow in October. Since we do not have a typical fall, this fall like color was more welcomed.

061309 cassia

The problem was, these plants grew quickly to 3 feet and beyond. I pruned one down to the ground and watched it grow back 1 foot each week! Because I planted these in places for small, 3 foot shrubs, we finally had to dig them all out. Now that I have that back corner empty, perhaps a cassia might be nice there.

I purchased Trains for the iPod Touch. I got to play it once then I made the mistake of showing Ryan. He played it until the battery ran too low. Only 99¢ for a limited time.

I am glad my week of backlighting and sun flare is over. I can't see after I try for the sun flare. Next week is all boy. Though mine are not the typical boys, they are still boys.

I realized today that I will need to go back to school no matter which path I take. I never worked on CADD and would need to learn it to go back into architecture. But I would rather spend that time and money on something I would enjoy more and with a possibly better future like photography.