[summer break in 80 days] day 9

061209 lizard

Oops, I slept through the gardening time. Darn caffeine!

I finally returned my latest Netflix disc. It was Kinsey and definitely not one safe for the boys. I hadn't watched it yet and knew I would get around to watching until the boys went back to school.

Speaking of safe for boys. Andy has been watching Thomas & Friends on YouTube. George Carlin is one of the narrators. I started hearing George Carlin talk about religion and knew they found something else. Ryan said it was "When Will Jesus Bring the Porkchops?" On YouTube? No, they found it from my shared iTunes Library. Oops.

Andy played with the trains. He was replaying the stories that he knows by heart. He left and Ryan put everything away. Huh?! Ryan, the one who would leave a train track out for months if I let him? Then he built his own set up. Oh, I see.

It feels like a lazy day. I've done laundry, made some cards, read a lot. But the day just seems to drag. Must be the contrast from yesterday's schedule.

I realize that I haven't done Wednesday Weigh-in. Well, the scale hasn't been moving much. I have stopped eating meat except when we go out. I was concerned that I wasn't getting enough protein since my average totals tend to be around 10%. But I just looked at Dr Weil's site again and confirmed that I am OK.