[summer break in 80 days] day 8

Getting ready to go to the pool. Andy talks about leaving his hat at home. Ryan decides to wear his just to annoy Andy. Andy is upset but he is trying not to be. Ryan can be such a brat.

I made the mistake of getting in the pool before Ryan. I did ask before he left to get changed but as usual, he didn't answer me. He was upset and said he couldn't swim. I had to get out so he could get in. Sigh.

Right away, Andy gravitated towards the water aerobics group. I had to join to keep him from bumping into them. This leaves Ryan alone which can be trouble. He needs attention. If I leave Andy alone, he inches closer to the women, if I leave Ryan alone, he joins us and jumps on Andy. Joy!

So I drag Andy away for a while to appease Ryan's squeaky wheel. At least until Andy gets tired of being jumped on, dunked, pulled and pushed by his little brother and he escapes to the aerobics group. Ryan is OK after that.

(I wonder when the clubhouse will figure out the wifi. I can connect but there is no internets. Grrr... )

They built an outside bathroom for people using the pool. They want you to use it if you are wet. The pool capacity is 55. One bathroom is not enough and there seems to be a line anytime you look. Ryan is not patient so he went to use the other bathroom to change.

061109 copelandpark-6

When the aerobics class is over, I get out. Ryan is changed and wants to leave but Andy would love to stay in the pool for hours. I let him until Ryan complains again.

061109 copelandpark-5

We do our lunch thing and a stop in the bank in between. Then we are off to Copeland Park. I pull out my iPod Touch where we have downloaded the map. But there is a map of Washington DC. Seems Ryan downloaded another map after this. Nice. (I learned later than the park map was still there, I just didn't know how to access it.)

061109 copelandpark-4

We find the park after pulling into the wrong driveway. This whole park seems a bit convoluted and the signage is not great. We see the playground and some boys playing basketball and park the van. The boys play a bit and then I get bored and want to walk. They do too and we follow the paved path around a field to another playground. This one is older but shaded. There is also a group of kids that just came from either the school or the rec center. Without being racist, we are the 3 whitest people at the park. We continue our walk.

061109 copelandpark-3

061109 copelandpark-2

The paved paths seem to twist and turn back on each other and perhaps they run parallel. We really aren't sure where we are as we have no map for the park. At one point, there is a worn path in the greenery and a small hill and Ryan has to look. Andy has to join him. I ask Ryan what he sees but he doesn't answer and starts to go down the other side. I have to yell at him to come back. Who knows what could be there! Andy continues and I almost have to go chase him before he finally comes back. Good grief!

061109 copelandpark

It's 95 degrees and after that, I am hot. I want to get back in the van and drink the rest of my tea. We continue and see some houses and then a road. We see a street sign which says 19th. We started at 15th. Hmm, where are we? We continue to walk and see only 3 people walking. One is on her cell phone. The path turns again and we see another road. 109th Avenue. The streets run north and south and the avenues run east and west. We keep walking and soon see the playground where we started. I cross over the grass but Ryan does not follow. He wants to continue. UGH. We discuss the options. I tell him we can come back. He hates leaving things unfinished.

We get back in the van to go to the rec center. Ryan wants to see the computer lab. I tell him that it won't be as nice as what he has. "Just forget it." Oh I hate this defeatist attitude. We drive around the park and see the pool has some cool splash features.

Our trip to Publix is uneventful. I have started giving Andy a few items to get. I have to show him where the are and what they look like so soon he can do them on his own. I think Ryan wants a list as well but he drives the cart so he is with me and not off wandering. I do have to convince Ryan that he only needs one pack of cookies to last him until Monday. Of course, I need to convince myself that a bag of Sunchips is really 11 servings and not 3 or 4. (This is progress, when I first purchased them, I was lucky to get 2 servings out of a bag.)

The boys are getting better about helping with the groceries. I didn't even have to remind them today!

I came home and checked out google maps. The route turns out to be only 3/4 mile. It felt like 6 miles. Also, there appears to be a lake in the middle of the park. Google maps show it dried up but this is probably a shot taken in winter. We will have to go back at some point.

I don't know if the boys are getting along better or if I am getting better at tuning them out. I did some pruning of the photos I uploaded today. 295 photos down to 119. There are a handful I want to develop further. I will be happy when this week is over, I am not a fan of the sun flare. Probably because I cannot not get one that looks great. Next week's theme is all boy. I think I can handle that one even if my boys are not that typical.

As usual, the boys go to bed earlier on the days we swim. But I am a bit wired since I drank some caffeine. I figure I can work on my blog. Wordpress came out with 2.8. I saw the notices to upgrade this morning but ignored them for the most part. I just don't want to deal with problems right now. A few people twittered that they upgraded without issues. So I clicked the button and started the process. It seems to go fine but then I have to log back in and fatal error! I can't get back in and I am not sure how to solve the problem. The problem is with google analytics. The plug-in is old and possible outdated. I delete the plugin and get back in. I decide to wait to upgrade the other blogs I have and go to bed.

(I just looked at the word count, 1199! Good grief! I am lucky to get 500 words. Must have been the caffeine.)