[fun] friday

6 am, Ryan told me he had no shorts to wear to school today. Huh? OK, let's do some laundry.

Being a mom is routine. Mostly. It's enough of a routine that I tend to forget to check my calendar and get mixed up with dates and times.

I thought Friday was haircut day.

I wasted the morning with exercise and laundry and finishing Andy's photo book for his birthday. (Only a month late!) I had planned to pick up the boys from school. Ryan's teacher wanted me to pick him up earlier to avoid the chaos.

I got to school just before 3 and saw some kids coming out front. Hmm.. As I got closer I heard the alarm. They were having a fire drill. Oh joy. I thought I was going to have wait a while the kids got back to class but Ryan was waiting with the behavior specialist. We went to sign out the kids (rules!) and we saw Andy walking back to his class. We got out of there before 3:15.

We were going to be early for our hair appointment so I stopped and got gas. Prices are going up again?! And why have they gotten rid of all the thingies that hold the pump open? My hand tends to cramp while pumping in 26 gallons of gas. We would still be early but nothing else to do. We got to the salon to find the door locked. Huh?

When I got the call earlier this week, I was asked to come in earlier since there was a cancellation. But it's hard to get in earlier because of school. I decided to call Dana then realized I didn't have my phone. Did I have her cell number in my iPod Touch? I decided to check the appointment and found out it was next week. Oops.


Surprisingly, Ryan was OK with the mix up since I still promised the book store. Andy whined a bit but stopped once we got to the mall.

Andy picked out another Thomas book while at the book store. We went to go find Ryan who was checking out the Peanuts books. Andy saw a book about the Simpson's and picked it. That one was big and expensive and basically showed how to draw the character. Andy doesn't draw so I showed him another book. He wanted it so I told him he had to choose. He chose Bart over Thomas. Part of me is happy he is growing up and wanting things more appropriate to his age. The other part of me doesn't really want him repeating those things that Bart and Homer like to say.

I really don't mind that my boys don't acknowledge Mother's Day with cards and gifts. My mother expected it and make it seem her right. It was more a chore than a good experience trying to give something back.

Today I got 2 cards from people other than my kids and it makes me feel bad. I feel like they were given in pity. Probably not but maybe I feel guilty for saying Mother's Day is just another day around here.