hang it up

A couple of months ago, I caught Andy trying to refold his shirts that were in his dresser. The OCD in me wanted to scream to make him stop. I take pride in my clothes folding skills. But I let it go. I showed him how and left the room.

A few days later, Andy mentioned something about hanging it up. I think he might have been learning about hanging up clothes at school. I asked him if he wanted to hang up his clothes and he got excited. We went into his room where he had one shirt haphazardly hung in the closet. I showed him how to hang up his clothes and we hung up until we were out of hangars. Now his shirt drawer is practically empty.


I still fold his shirts and put them in his drawer but then he goes and hangs up the ones he wants in the closet. I should probably get a few more hangars so he can hang up the rest of his shirts.