[weigh-in wednesday] 5/9 the differences between men & women

This week, 1.4 pounds, total 41 pounds.

As if it wasn't bad enough that women only earn 76¢ for each dollar a man earns, women also have to work twice as hard to earn those pennies.

The same is true for weight loss. Men can reduce their calorie intake and lose weight. Women reduce their calories and their metabolism drops trying to hold onto every last fat cell. Sure there are exceptions but we don't care about them.

My brother would give up snacking during lent and lose 20 pounds in those 6 weeks. I give up chocolate for lent and turn into Ms Grumpikins and not lose a single ounce. Of course we can be happy that is a famine comes, our fat bodies will let us live longer then the men. But I really don't see a famine coming any time soon unless I want to move to Africa and I don't.

So we are stuck not only reducing our calories bit exercising as well. Maybe it's because we can handle 2 things at once and men can't?