I love sports but would rather play than watch. Saturdays meant dad and John watching sports on TV. I occasionally watched with them but would get bored. My roommate, Danielle, loved watching baseball and hockey. I got away from watching/listening to sports on TV when I lived alone. The TV was on a lot but I preferred watching old movies or reruns.

Then Gail came along. He would turn on ESPN first thing in the morning. Football and hockey were Gail's favorite sports. He said he didn't like baseball but would watch it when there was no other sports to watch. I would sit with him but learned to tune it out for the most part.

After Gail died, we didn't watch sports. Well, except when dad came down for the winter. Over time, Ryan would complain and dad pretty much stopped watching TV all together.

Lately, Ryan has started watching TV. ESPN. Saturday morning comes and he turns on the TV. He watches ESPN while looking for other sports on the channel guide. His says favorite sports are baseball, football, basketball, racing and hockey. Though in reality, he prefers those sports with lots of actions and heavy scoring like basketball.

Saturday, he watched TV most of the day. I found myself not being able to tune it out and concentrate on anything else. I finally got up baked some s'mores granola bars. (More on those later)

Ryan did stop watching long enough to ride his bike for 15 minutes. And he won't watch after 6:00 pm. That's his rule, not mine. Also, he doesn't sit and stare at the TV. He is up and playing with his cars or trains. But he won't leave the room except during commercials. He hasn't learned that commercial breaks last 2-3 minutes and he has plenty of time to go to the bathroom and wash his hands.