movin' on up!

Andy is moving up to middle school next year. We visited WMS last week. It was nice to see a different building design. Let me explain. Almost all of the elementary schools are the same design. So even though the boys have been to 3 different schools, the only differences have been cosmetic. In fact, the design is rather utilitarian and ugly. Back to middle school. WMS was built in 1991 and it's a deep red brick. There are 6 buildings which feed off a central courtyard.

Andy was excited about his building having a hallway. The elementary school classrooms all open to exterior covered walkways. He liked that the hallway and bathroom have good echos.

His new classroom is rather small but there will only be 4 or 5 kids in his class. Four classmates are moving up but they will be separated according to ability. Andy & S will be in the highest level.


Andy's new teacher, Miss Jessica, is a trip. She looks and sounds a bit like Kristin Chenowith but is taller and doesn't sing soprano as far as I know. She loves these kids and they love her. While we were there, she was having the students help her pick out videos to include in their annual compilation. She tapes the kids "Cooking Show" and "Dance Party" and even at the school dances. Andy & S loved watching the videos.

There is an annual school talent show. One of the austistic kids won Third Place last year. Miss Jessica was so proud of him and showed his video. The boy, DK, was good but I know Andy can sing better. It will be interesting to see how Andy acts on the stage with an audience.

Classes start an hour earlier than elementary school. Which means the bus will come an hour earlier. Andy is not my early riser. We will need to work on this through the summer so it's not a shock when first day comes.


It was really interesting to see the older students. I did not know them before so I don't know what kind of progress they have made in WMS. But they spoke well and were not shy about meeting new people. I hope this helps Andy. One thing that will help is having Ryan at a different school. Though coordinating their schedules will be tough, Andy relies on Ryan being there. He hates when Ryan is sick and not on the bus.