warsaw filharmonia

The following week was spent getting acclimated to the city. Lori & Teré never seemed to stop complaining. It was cold in the rooms so Stefan and Fred brought over a heater for them. We went shopping for boots and they didn't like anything they saw. To be fair, we were shopping in Poland and were lucky to even find any boots. Many shops were half empty. Then again, did they not realize that February and most of March is still winter? Lori's pink high-top Reebok's may have been stylish but were impractical.

Mike and I did our best to avoid them. I liked Nopp but she stayed with Lori & Teré so I only spent time with her at class or at the dorm. Fred didn't do much to make the girls shut up but he didn't placate them either. I think he was used to tuning out females.

I started to venture out on my own. I liked doing what I want when I want and not have 5 people complain about it. I liked to ride the trams and just watch the city go by. It was very cheap, less than pennies. I went into a local café called the Magnolia. I was handed a typed menu, all in Polish. I would point to something and be told "Nie wiecej" I would point to something else and be told, "Nie wiecej." Finally, I pointed to something that they did have. I didn't know what it was until it came. It turned out to be veal cutlet which was good.

I thought a lot about Bill. As much as I liked him, I was conflicted. There wasn't anyone to talk and I didn't know which way to go. I guess that was all for the best. Lori told Fred about him. When we got to the embassy Friday night, Fred was already there asking for Bill. It was very embarrassing. It was the one night Bill & I could have gotten together. But there were plans to go to the Warsaw Philharmonic. I really did not want to go and Fred knew it.I am glad that I went. The music, limited to a piano and violin, was wonderful. I was really impressed with the architecture. The original building was destroyed in 1939 and was rebuilt after the war. Fred thought it looked too plain but I really liked it. I think it made me focus on the music more.And going to the Philharmonic made me avoid a big mistake with Bill.