not me! monday

This is my first Not Me! Monday. I got the idea from here.

Sometimes being a mom is tough. So many things to do. We compensate by multi-tasking. Lucky for me I did not leave the stove on and have Andy tell me about it later after the calphalon griddle was ruined. Not me!

And us moms need to keep all those appointments straight. It's a good thing that even though I wrote down the right day, I did not take the boys to their hair appointment a week early to find the door locked. Not me!

Us mom also have to schedule repairs when necessary, or put it off for months because we get a lot of rain in the summer. But I did eventually call the sprinkler guy came to repair the sprinklers. But I did not not check them before I called. They worked and there was nothing to do but pay the $75 service call. Not me!

Some household maintenance we can do ourselves. It's a good thing my dad taught me how to use a plunger because I did not plug up the toilet. Not me!

Us moms have to buy the groceries. I did not go to the grocery store 3 times because I did not plan ahead. Not me!

Oh Thursday, I was to meet the teachers and students when they went to check out their school for next year. I arrived early because I hate to be late. I did not fail to see them arrive because I was too interested in listening to This American Life. Not me!


I cannot guarantee that Not Me! Monday will happen every week. But it's a fun way to keep it real, so to speak. Then again, I did not do anything of the things written here. Not me!