water ride

We have had some unusual storms this week. It is like summer is here but these storms seem even stronger than we typically get in the summer.

I was at my computer when I heard an an engine that wasn't a car or truck. I looked and saw my neighbor with 2 boys riding his ATV through the puddles. They were getting wet and having fun. I grabbed my camera to take some pictures. Ryan followed me and when our neighbor saw him, he asked if the boys wanted a ride. I wasn't sure if they would. Ryan was hesitant so P went around the block again and came back. By then, Andy came out and wanted to go. Ryan would start to get on then change his mind. Ryan would not hop on but Andy did. He loved going through the puddles even though P did not go as fast as he had with other boys. Ryan decided he would get on, but he seemed nervous the entire time. I took lots of photos but only a few came out OK.