tom's of maine toothpaste


I got some new toothpaste. Tom's of Maine Peppermint. First of all, I am so happy that it is a paste. Why did Crest have to change everything to gel? Secondly, the smell is wonderful! The peppermint is a welcome eye opener. However, the taste is not so good. I was expecting some nice peppermint but that is overpowered by the baking soda. There is no sweet taste which is probably for the best. (Seems kind of odd to put add sugar to something that is supposed to clean your teeth.) After a few days, I am more used to the flavor.


Tom's has a lot of different toothpastes available. I would like to try one of the ones for sensitive teeth but they are not available locally. Maybe once this tube is gone, I will order some online.

My patronage of Tom's began a few years ago when Andy developed body order prematurely at age 9. I knew I wanted to get him a deodorant that was safe. Nothing with aluminum. I checked the store and decided on Tom's Fragrance Free. It has a fragrance but it's light and sweet and fades quickly. It was tricky getting Andy to use but now he does it by himself. I saw that they had a lavender scent and had to buy it for myself. I love it. They aren't antiperspirant but being in Florida, who would notice the difference if you had a bit more sweat under your arms. The main part is that they really control the stink from Andy.

I have also used Tom's Mouthwash. It seems a little weird to put witch hazel in your mouth. Did you know witch hazel is the active ingredient in Tuck's Hemerrhoid Pads? Anyway, once I got past that, the spearmint flavor is very refreshing. And I really like that there is no die, spearmint leaves may be green but products made from their essential oils are clear.