the eagle club

Dinner was disgusting so Mike & I went out to dinner at the Metropol.

I am not sure who suggested it, but we went to the bar at the American Embassy. It was like any almost dive-bar where you have the best fun. There, we met plenty of marines and other foreign personnel. But most of all, the beer was cold, not just chilled from being left outside in the cold. (The Poles do not have large refrigerators. Like most Europeans, they shop daily for food.) And the mixed drinks were cheap! Only 75¢ for a whiskey & coke. I later found out that they used Johnny Walker Red. (Should I thank the US government for subsidizing?)

Lori, Teré & Nopp talked with the marines. Lori asked everyone she met if they could get her real toilet paper. Mike & I talked with the embassy staff. I met an attaché named Bill. I won't write too much about him. My behavior embarrasses me. OK, it wasn't that bad. I didn't have sex with him though I wanted to at the time. Twenty two years later, I realize what a sleaze he was and was glad I didn't succumb to his advances.

We went most Friday nights. It was nice to speak to other Americans and as the marines could not fraternize with the Poles, they were happy to speak to us too. Tony and Phil were the two marines we became good friends with.

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Lori, Teré & Nopp started eating at the Eagle Club most days. Mike & I did not since the prices were not so good. It was cheap by American standards but we could find much cheaper places like the hotels and local cafés. What we didn't know is that unless you were embassy personnel, you had to have a membership. I purchased one but somehow the girls got in when I wasn't around.