found my journal!

I was writing up another post about my trip to Poland. My memory was shaky on some points and I knew I wanted to should look for the postcards and letters I sent to my mom. She gave them all back to me when I got home so I could keep them. They had been in my trunk for years until I started scrapbooking. Then I took them out and was putting the postcards onto the scrapbook pages. I have them, somewhere, in this house.

I didn't find the postcards but I did find my journal. We were told to keep a journal though it was meant to be more visual with sketches of the cities we went to. I am not confident in my sketching so I used it more for thoughts. I don't remember writing down as much as I did. So I will have to read some of this before I post another chapter. I'll have to scan the tickets and memorabilia taped in the book as well.

Here is one snippet...

The toilets are starting to get to me. Not many people flush. Yuk!