he breaks his shoes

040209-broken2Two weeks and his new shoes are breaking. And it's all his fault. Andy likes the sound his shoe makes when he drags the toe. Eventually the side cracks and as he continues, the sole breaks. This photo is from the first pair he broke years ago. He would get in trouble then be OK for the next pair or so. Then he would do it again. Even after wearing sneakers all winter, he hasn't figured out that he shouldn't do that. Two weeks is the quickest he has ever managed to break a pair.

When I saw the crack yesterday, I was angry. But I can't yell at Andy. He gets too upset. I can raise my voice and talk in that tone that should have his quivering in his sandals. But I have to make it clear that I still love him even though he did something bad.

trekkerslidesI will not buy him birkenstocks anymore. Besides the cost, they take too long to ship from Germany. So we looked online and he chose a pair from Lands' End. These are Trekker Slides and I like that the toe is protected. And we did luck out a bit as Lands' End had free shipping. (They seem to have it a lot lately.)