rainy days


This is our dry season. Well, really, most of the year we are dry. Except for summer. So having rain showers this morning was odd. And Ryan did not appreciate it. "Andy had his field day. Why can't I have mine?" What could I say? I saw the forecast and it said 40% chance of rain all morning. Like a coward, I ignored the question.

Later when it thundered, Ryan went and got his quilt. Oh come on! Why do I have to have kids and dogs who are afraid of thunder? OK, that's not exactly true. Yes, every dog I have add was a coward during storms. My last dog, Duffy, didn't acquire his fear until he was about 7 or 8 years old. Before that, he would actually watch fireworks! And Ryan was never afraid until last year. WTF?! I love storms and it's hard to be sympathetic.

Bad mommy. I told him he couldn't sit on my lap during a small storm. This was small, only one low clap of thunder and no lightning. But then I felt bad so I let him sit there for a while. He played with my iPod Touch to distract himself.

Andy wanted the umbrella while he waited for the bus. I saw Ryan trying on Andy's sneakers. They are way too big. Ryan doesn't have any sneakers of his own, he won't wear them. But he doesn't want his feet to get wet today. We find Andy's old Van's slip-ons and they are big but will work. Ryan takes his sandals in case in dries up.

I asked Ryan if he wanted his rain coat but he kept ignoring me. I know it's too warm sometimes but it does keep you dry. After getting wet in his regular jacket, he did agree to his rain jacket. You can tell he is just not happy with the rain.


I took too many photos. I think there were over 90, reduced to 12 that are decent. Yes, I do delete bad photos. I called Andy to get him to turn his head and he walks run up to me. I am surprised it came out so well.


It did end up drying out for Field Day. When Ryan got home, I asked him how it went. "Awesome!"