[weigh in wednesday] 4/22 slow progress

This week I have lost .6 pounds. Yes, point-six. Six tenths of a pound. ugh. At least it is something, right? It's these moments when I find myself wanting to cheat. I could have waiting until after I walked when the scale goes down another pound due to water loss. But in my mind, I know it's not the truth.

042209-doublescoopI have been very good sticking to my allotted calories. Maybe too good. As of this week, Monday & Tuesday, I am 1000 calories under budget. (Oh! I bet I have enough to indulge in a double scoop, sans the waffle cone!) But one concern is that in eating too few calories that you slow down your metabolism. Could be why I want to take a nap, or 2, everyday.

I could whine that I had company this past weekend. My cousin from Redbank, New Jersey was visiting. And you know losing weight when Aunt Flo is here is next to impossible.

So I will continue and hope that next week's weigh in shows more progress.