he's twelve

042109-andy-5Yesterday was Andy's 12th birthday. Oh man I feel old.

I met him at the bus. It was warm but he likes to bundle up. Normally, he runs in the house and grabs a snack and comes back out to ride his bike. It had been raining and he was actually happy since he wanted to play inside.

042109-andy-6I got some gifts for Andy. Each year it gets harder to know what he wants. I did ask and he said "Presents." What kind of presents? "All of them." Oh that narrows it down. On Saturday, I found out that he wants the Raffi DVDs. (We had them in VHS but donated them years ago.) I checked out amazon and they have them all. And here is where I love amazon Prime, free 2-day shipping and low 1-day shipping costs. I ordered the one he talked about the most. I told him and he said, "No, all 3." He is one of those people who want it all. Otherwise a part is missing and he can't stand it. I went back and ordered the other 2. sigh.

042109-andy-4Ryan tried to open the gifts but I caught him. Andy was happy to open the gifts. Between each one, he ran and threw away the wrapping paper. (Where was he on Christmas?) I told him that I already installed the microphone so he went directly to the playroom to make music.

042109-andy-3He opened Garage Band and quickly added some loops to make a song. He doesn't need to listen to the loops as he has them all memorized. Within 5 minutes, he had the music ready. I asked him to sing and he made up some lyrics about lifting weights. I asked him to save the song but he wouldn't. Hopefully, it is still on his computer and I can grab it.

042109-andy-1He sings so incredibly close to the microphone. The last one we had, the $20 Logitech special sounded like crap. The distortion was horrible. This snowball (I'll talk more about in another post) has 3 settings and one made more Andy. It sounds so much better.
He seemed OK with his gifts. You can never tell if he is disappointed. Later, he played with his new DS game and checked out his Dr Seuss traveling cards.