drive by conversations

Andy has drive by conversations. He will come into the room and ask me a question. He doesn't wait to get my attention, he doesn't care if I am on the phone, he just asks his question. And he expects an answer. Luckily, they are mostly yes or no questions with many have an affirmative response. As soon as he is satisfied, he walks away. It may be an hour before the drive by or 30 seconds.

Then he will ask the same question but in a different form. This must be a teacher tactic and he mimics it well. The problem is that I don't want to answer the same question 3 times. Heck, I probably didn't want to answer the question once. But this is a form of communication he uses.

My dad has problems with these questions because Andy is sometimes quiet and has a tendency to mumble. And my dad is not familiar with the topics Andy is talking about. Andy likes to talk about the videos he sees on YouTube or things that happen at school.