work out clothing

terrywrapMy wrap came from Terry. Actually I ordered 2, one was on sale.
I was hoping this will be the answer to working out and not having to
worry about my shorts riding up.


I can wear my regular work our shorts underneath then wrap this around. My shorts don't ride up and I am covered and feeling good about being seen in public. I wore it to the chiropractor last week and to the park. I feel like I am wearing a skirt but also no longer worry about being too exposed.

There is one small pocket on the right side. It has a patch of velcro to keep it closed. A cell phone or iPod fits well but not both. (An excuse to get an iPhone?)

The ones I got a bit large. In fact, I need to get some velcro so I can make it cinch a bit tighter. I guess my waist still does exist even in its grand size. I think they must more generous in sizing from the last time I got something from Terry. It was a few years ago and I got the Commuter Skort (the didn't have the wrappers back then). It has the bike short built in. I got the same size I got this time. (I know, I forgot I had it.) but it is too tight.

They are very comfortable. And wearing my bike shorts underneath means no panty creep. I wish they made more colors and I had more money.