i almost made it (lenten promise recap)

With only 5 days to go until Easter, I purchased 6 eBooks. I am weak.

For almost 6 weeks I have endured countless emails letting me know new books from my favorite author had arrived. I was strong, I added those books to my ever growing wish list. I could wait.

Then the email came with 25% off! And eReader just doesn't have sales like these often. And I had had a bad day. It was my just reward, right? I am weak.

But I did not let myself read any of these until Sunday. Does that count?

I did not buy any music albums all during lent. That wish list is also very long. I have kept all my iTunes Alert emails unread.

Here is it Thursday, and I still haven't purchased any albums. Hmm... It could be that I was busy catching up with my podcasts once the boys were back in school. Perhaps I forgot. Or maybe I have just been too busy trying to catch up with life.

Anyway, how did you do? Did you give up something good like chocolate and then chomp those bunny ears at 12:01 am?