[weigh in wednesday] 4/15 the beginning

This week I have lost just under 5 pounds. My total weight loss is 35 pounds.

I am hoping to make myself accountable for my actions. I know I could join Weight Watchers but public speaking is NOT for me. You can join me if you wish. We need to encourage each other.

I am happy with the weight loss. Though I wish I had to buy some new clothes. See I've been wearing knit clothes which stretched to accommodate. Now they fit properly. Pathetic.

sharon-20090311Today I have been using Lose It! for one week. It's a bit of a game for me. I see how few calories I can eat and not feel hungry. Some days are easier than others. Which is why you should look at the week as a whole. It evens out that way. And it is recommended that you only weigh yourself once a week since the body can fluctuate from day to day. I'm working on that.