spring break recap (picture overload)

040609-publix-1 Last week was spring break. We stayed home, sort of.

Monday we had to go get groceries. But first Andy needed a new mouse. We drove down to Brandon to the Apple Store. That should have been a quick $50 but they have those computers set up for the kids and mine cannot resist.

Andy was playing with several of the programs while Ryan worked with Sponge Bob Typing. Ryan isn't comfortable typing so I was a little excited seeing he was having fun. i asked if he would like and said yes. Unfortunately, Apple didn't have any for sale. I whipped out my iPod Touch
And connected with their internet. I checked out amazon and found it cheap, yay!

040609-publix-2Andy said he wanted Green Eggs & Ham. He has had this before but for an earlier OS and played with it a lot. Apple's price was $24.95 so I checked amazon. Nada. Of well.

We went to Dick's Sporting Goods. We were looking for thermoses but struck out. We did get some new swim goggles and baseball hats for the boys. Then off for lunch, Wendy's for Ryan, Chick-Fil-A for Andy and me, Publix for groceries and home.

040709-dryerrepair-1We stayed home Tuesday and waited for the dryer repairman. He enthusiastically climbed up the roof and cleaned out the vent. He claimed it would work now and took my money and left. He didn't fix the problem.

We stayed home Wednesday. Ryan's computer software arrived late but he was happy once it was installed.

040809-lowrypark-2Thursday was busy. First some errands then we went to Lowry Park. I posted a bit about this here. It was the boys first trip to that park and they enjoyed it. I thought Ryan was doing really well with the monkey bars until I saw his feet still on the ground. Andy was just happy to be out and see new things.

After the park, we went to the chiropractor, lunch, then back to Publix. I was surprised we got home by 1 pm.

040909-spinme-1Friday morning we stayed home but then went to another "new" park for the boys. This time it was Zephyr Park. They have some older playground equipment which the boys loved. They especially loved the merry go around. Andy did fall off once because he was moving around. He learned quickly and enjoyed more spins in the center.

040909-trolls-1We are in the middle of a drought so the lake was mostly a pond. We decided not to walk around it. But the boys enjoyed being able to walk under the pedestrian bridge that is usually full of water. You can see the water line in the photo is just above Ryan's shoulders.

After the park, we drove by Andy's new school for next year. It will be odd for them to be in different schools. They have been together for so long. Then the boys got hair cuts. We had to dash home for a change of clothes but left again for the bookstore (their treat for being good at the hair salon) and dinner.

040809-lowrypark-1We stayed home for the weekend. I was very happy to see Monday. The boys were happy to go back to school as well.