our first egg hunt

The easter bunny used to hide eggs inside when I was a kid. There were the typical spots to looks for eggs; on the window ledge behind the curtain, on a bookshelf, on the mantle, in a coffee mug, balanced on the harp of a lampshade... I was saddened the the easter bunny decided not to hide the eggs. So what if I was 19 and in college!

I looked forward to helping the easter bunny hide eggs for my boys. But then they didn't get easter and showed no interest in dying the eggs. So the easter bunny never hid any eggs. Actually, we didn't do much about Easter because the boys don't like candy. (Ryan likes loves Caramel Hershey Kisses so we have to ration them.) Last year, the easter bunny did bring some presents.


On Saturday, I thought it might be time to try an egg hunt. I looked in the garage and found some painted wooden eggs. I brought them out along with the baskets and Ryan was soon playing with them. I asked him if he wanted to look for the eggs. He didn't but Andy did. So Ryan agreed. When they finally went to bed, I realized how dark it was and really didn't want to go out in the yard. (There may be things like snakes!) And since Ryan wasn't so enthusiastic, I decided to skip it.

The next morning, Ryan got up first. Andy I got up about an hour later. Ryan said, "No presents?" Keep looking. He found them and proceeded to open everything up. Later, he saw the eggs in the basket, "You didn't hide the eggs?" No, but I will after breakfast.

I went to shower and when I came out, Ryan had a big shit-eatin' grin on his face. I thought he wanted to wrestle but he pointed outside. I could see a few pastel colors peeking out through the lawn. You hid the eggs? "Yep!"

So we called Andy and grabbed the baskets. Ryan grabbed a bunch and I helped Andy since it was a bit unfair. Ryan collected 13 eggs and Andy found 7. But there should have been 24. Good thing they are wood and now real.

The whole thing happened too quickly for me to get my camera. Oh and the incentive to get Ryan motivated to hide the eggs? For each egg he found, he would receive one quarter. Maybe next year I should make a map and hid the eggs in certain places. He would love that.