good grief! what else? (warning: rant ahead)

Sometimes being a homeowner sucks. Well, it's just being an adult that sucks. When you are a kid, you get other people to fix the problems. When you are the adult, you have to fix it yourself or hire someone. And if you know me, you know I hate making phone calls.

The sprinkler system needs help. It's been a long time since it went out but now we are in the really dry season and I need to get it done. Now.

The drain in my bathroom sink is slow. OK, it's practically stopped. I tried do-it-yourself and ordered some stuff called Bio-Klean. I think it has gotten worse. Might be time to call a plumber.

My dryer isn't work well. It takes about 3 cycles to get a smaller load dry. Because we are deed restricted, we can't hang a clothes line. Not that I would want to. I have never liked clothes dried on the line. Now to be honest, I did call for repair. My stand-by repairman could not be located so I tried another company. I was told they would be here before noon. He called after 1 pm to ask for directions. He got here and saw the dryer and said, "Oh it's gas. They didn't tell me." Well, they never asked so I assumed it wouldn't matter. He unhooked the vent and said it was lint build-up. He climbed up on the roof and cleaned out what he could reach. He said the flap couldn't even open and it should be fine now. He took my $75 and left.

The dryer still wasn't working. I called and was told it was too late to come back that day but that they would call in morning. They didn't call. I didn't call back because I don't think they can't fix it. If it is the lint, I need to call someone who has the tools to clean it. The dryer repairman said that the lint problem gets worse when the humidity gets higher. Hmm... seems like the problem started the day we got rain all day long. Yep, I have to call someone else.

I did have the vent cleaned out years ago. I think it was about $150. I asked how often this should be done and they guy said every 6 months. Huh?! Sounds like a scam to me. Maybe every few years? I should go through my poor excuse for files and see who came the last time. But chances are they won't be in business anymore. Seems that way with most of the service industry these days.

Today's problem is the cable box. The box is going out. Or is dead. It first happened a couple of months ago on a day when Ryan went to watch the NASCAR pre-race stuff. He got very upset when it wouldn't work. The other TV did come on but this was to televise on Speed. Speed is only on the digital channels and only have one box. I called Brighthouse and they did manage to get it back.

Last Sunday, the cable box went out again. Ryan was very upset even though he could watch on the other TV. I called Brighthouse again and they again managed to get the box fixed. Today, they didn't even go through all the steps, they just started to make an appointment. And the next available time is Wednesday. Or I can pick up a box. OK, that sounds better. Where is the office and what are the hours? Yolanda gives me an address and tells me they are open Monday through Friday 9 to 6.

After I hang up, I check out google maps and find it's going to take me about an hour to get there. Maybe I should call back for the appointment? After all, we don't watch TV except for the weekends. But then again, I'd probably be charged for the service call.

How do I tell Ryan that the TV is low priority? How do I make him understand?